The Generosity Game.

26 Feb

It’s all been a bit of a weird day. Nice weird, but weird all the same.

So I managed to wake up in time to get my £7 Megabus to London. It was…fine. The plugs didn’t work, I was sat next to a guy who insisted on having his legs splayed wide for about 4 hours straight (nobody needs to air their penis that much), but I did manage to get a fair bit of sleep snuggled under my coat.

We were on time, despite constant pouring rain all the way from Plymouth to London, which meant I spent the majority of my time walking to the hotel worrying about my hair dye running onto my white shirt. If that’s not pathetic, I don’t know what is.

So yes, I got to the hotel at around 3:30 this afternoon, only to find a package addressed to me waiting on the dresser in my room.

I was so, so confused.

Nobody knew where I was staying, and I figured it wasn’t from the hotel, as they wouldn’t have put their own address on it, nor would they have sent it in the post. Especially not all the way from Manchester.

So once I’d reassured myself that it probably wasn’t a bomb, I opened the gift bag, only to be bemused, delighted and a bit teary at what I found inside.

It turns out that Late Rooms occasionally treat their customers to something through their “Magic Makers” scheme – be it a gift, or some vouchers or some flowers. It seems that it’s done out of the blue.

And it seems that I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients. 

Here’s where it got weird though. The gifts inside were entirely pug themed – there were some pug covered emery boards and a “Pugs Not Drugs”mug, which was just the best thing ever. Now, I can only conclude that they did a bit of stalking on my Twitter, since pugs are mentioned in my bio. Their only other options would have been tickets to a comedy show, a voucher to buy myself a nice cardigan, or sending a handsome man in a beard to my room this evening.

Oh. Now I think about it, I guess I missed out.

All jokes aside, it’s a really lovely thing to do, and even though it’s clearly a marketing thing, it’s the best one I’ve seen yet. (I’m also wondering if they paid for one of my nights at the hotel, as I paid £50 less than I was expecting. If they didn’t, it’s still a cause for celebration.)

It’s a bit odd being in London for an evening, and not doing anything but I think it’s probably for the best since the next two days are going to be INSANE.


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