Out of House Bounds.

23 Feb

I woke up this morning, looked out of my window and genuinely thought I’d slept through 10 months of 2015, and was in December.

It was hailing so hard that there was a fairly thick layer of the stuff settled across the garden, to the point where I was almost certain that it had been snowing.

Then there was the torrential rain.

And the massive gusts of wind.

And then the sun came out for a bit, so I decided to put on a skirt – a decision I immediately regretted as soon as I stepped out of the front door and got buffeted down the pavement.

But laziness last week meant that I had actual stuff to do today, like picking up our theatre tickets for Wednesday night, stocking up on energy bars for the 27 Hour Show (What? They have food shops in London? Get out of here.) and buying my Comic Relief t-shirt for Saturday night. I’ve realised that if I wear it for the whole show, it’s going to absolutely stink by the end of it, and the last thing I want is another “don’t hug me, I smell” situation like I had after the 25 Hour Show.

QUESTION: Is it too much to change into slippers at some point? It would mean I was incredibly comfortable, and I don’t think anyone would think I’ve lost it, but it still feels a bit…out there. Hmm.

I’ve also finally booked myself in for a last minute haircut tomorrow, in order to avoid hacking any more of my fringe away with a pair of nail scissors in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s so last minute in fact, that I get it cut at 10am, then as soon as I get home, I’m dying it again, because my roots are, quite frankly, atrocious. It honestly looks like I’m going grey, and it’s really not the style I’ve been aiming for.

Best of all today, I had a coffee and a catch up with one of my best friends, which was really lovely and did remind me exactly why I need to get out of the house more.


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