Your Money + Their Talent = Something Excellent.

21 Feb

It seems that all I do recently is tell you about things and then say you should give them your money.

Today isn’t any different.

Back in 2012, I was introduced to a rag tag bunch of chaps that made up the sketch group Casual Violence. I lived in a house with them in Edinburgh for the entirety of August, and I still like them now, so that’s testament to how excellent they are.

They are twisted, and mean spirited, and have made me cry on several occasions, but they’re also really bloody talented. I hate them but I love them. It’s an ideal relationship really.

They’ve been doing lots of online shorts recently (if you search this blog you’ll find the majority of them linked somewhere) but they’re currently planning something stupidly big.

Shoddy the Zombie is a silent sitcom and it looks reeeeeeeeally good. I can tell you for a fact that it’ll make me cry because James Hamilton is an utter bastard who enjoys twisting the emotional knife in my heart.

(For my sins, I should say that I’ve not pledged yet – money will be donated once Comic a Relief is out of the way.)

If everyone who read this post gave £1 to the Kickstarter campaign, they’d be £7 closer to their target. OH SELF DEPRECATING HUMOUR WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Jokes aside, give them a few quid, get some lovely rewards and feel good. If you’re lucky, supporting them now might mean that you get access to a box when they’re doing their Casual Violence Live reunion tour in 60-odd years at the O2.

As a thank you for reading this, here’s a teaser trailer for Lazer Team. I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS FILM, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It’s a great example what a group of people can do when they’re funded by the public. It would seem that $2.5 million is a very useful amount of money to be handed.


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