Red (Nose) or Dead (Tired.)

20 Feb

This time next week, I’ll be sat in a room alongside some of my closest friends attempting not to fall asleep.


It’s a weird one. Mark’s 25 Hour Show was only two years ago, but I feels like so much longer since we were sat in that warm, slightly funky smelling theatre being fed pastries by Adam Hills and being given fresh pants by Jennifer Saunders.

Those things actually happened, people.

We also saw Rufus Hound smashing eggs with a hammer taped to his penis, but the less said about that, the better. The image is haunting.

I’ve absolutely no idea how on earth we’re going to top that this year, but once again, I’m glad to not really be doing a challenge of my own. It means I can get swept up in everyone else’s excitement, and not have to worry about failing at doing something that people are sponsoring me for.

The excitement and nerves for everyone are pretty strong, as nobody wants to be the first to fall asleep. Saying that, I am taking up a blanket and a pillow, just to make sure we’re super comfortable at all times.

I’ll be wanging on more about this next week, but in the meantime, go HERE and get as excited as the rest of us are.


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