All Filler.

17 Feb

It’s time for one of those rushed, kind of crap blogs again.

You know the ones. They usually come after a few fairly good posts, and then you remember why you don’t bother reading what I write most of the time.

We didn’t have any pancakes tonight, given that Mum declared it “too much of a mess” (Boo, hiss, etc.) so instead of spending my evening tossing and rolling around on the floor thanks to gorging myself on flour and egg based desserts, I spent it recording my podcast, and playing South Park – The Stick of Truth.

Yes, I am kind of late to that party, but it was in the Xbox sale and I couldn’t resist. It’s fun, and gross and childish, and that is probably the reason that I’m loving it so much.


So...what do you think?

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