Unlucky For Some.

13 Feb

6am is an absolutely horrific time of the morning to have your alarm go off, particularly when a gale is rattling your window frames and it’s absolutely pissing it down outside.

All things considered, today was not half bad.

1. Getting into work 90 minutes early meant that I could sit in the staff room reading Gone Girl with barely a distraction. Except for the fact that the lights kept going off because they’re on a motion sensor. I’d get to an exciting paragraph and suddenly be plunged into darkness, at which point I had to wave my arm above my head to remind the room that I was still there.

2. I’ve finally ordered a clear lipliner in order to stop my red lipsticks from bleeding out across my face within an hour of putting them on. (I counted how many lipsticks/lip balms I had in my handbag today. Seven. SEVEN. Seven in one bag (3 reds, 2 pinks and 2 clear lip balms) is definitely too many.)

3. I did a Primark run after I finished for the day – hello, a perk of finishing at 2:30, and have replaced all my tights for fresh new pairs. 9 pairs for £9? Can’t argue with that, particularly as Primark tights are genuinely the best ones I’ve tried. And I wear a lot of tights, so I know what I’m talking about. Also, I found a black and white skort for £1. No, that is not a typo. I don’t even know if I particularly like it, or will ever wear it, but for 100 pennies, I couldn’t refuse. Also, also, I picked up a skirt covered in a pineapple print. I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear it with, or when I’m going to wear it (as it’s short and made of the thinnest polyester you can imagine) but it was just so ridiculous that I had to have it. I was actually very restrained, as there were lots of very bright things that I wanted to but, but am trying to actually have space in my wardrobe before I buy more things to fill it up. The fact that I wanted to get home and nap probably had a bearing on my minimal time spent in the shop.

4. Cucumber and Banana just keep getting better as the series’ progress. Watch it, unless you are my parents, because you will hate it. Trust me.


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