Fogging Up The Glass.

10 Feb

I’m 4 hours into my scheduled 24 hours of overtime this week, and I am TIRED.

I’m not writing this at work, obviously, I’m writing this in bed, with my duvet pulled right over my head, which means my breath is fogging up my glasses – an incredibly annoying side effect of poor fort making.

I got home after working at the student discount event, ate an incredibly nutritious dinner consisting of a chicken, bacon and avocado wrap with pickled onion Monster Munch (because I decided that I couldn’t wait the 8 minutes it would have taken to cook a pizza) then sloped off to bed because I fear tomorrow’s shift is going to be a lot more taxing than today’s. Particularly as I have to be out of the house and on the bus before my alarm would usually go off. Thank goodness I have mastered the art of distraction when it comes to bleary “oh no, I’ve been awake the whole time” eyes, by putting on the brightest lipstick I can bear in the morning in order to pull all the focus I can.


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