Bottom Of The Class.

2 Feb

There’s nothing like practicing numerical reasoning tests to make you feel incompetent and like an utter failure.

As you can no doubt tell, the prep for the next stage of my grad scheme application tomorrow is going swimmingly.

I’m fully expecting to wake up in a pool of sweat after having a fever dream based on percentages, ratios and time zone conversions.

The thing that bugs me, is that I know I’m not stupid, and please do not take that as big headed and narcissistic. I’ve got a fairly sensible head on my shoulders, and my grasp of the English language is pretty bloody good. It’s always been numbers that has let me down a bit. Give me the Pythagorean theorem or a bit of algebra and it’s cool, but chuck VAT and pie charts at me, and it just gets a bit overwhelming.

But I suppose if I’m not cut out for a job as a Trainee Manager, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. The sooner I get the test done, the sooner I can get a polite “thanks but no thanks” reply, and you can all give me a comforting squeeze on my shoulder and say “well at least you did the best you could”.

I think that’s all I can hope for, really,


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