Who Likes Short Shorts?

1 Feb

I couldn’t be more pleased to have chosen to wear shorts under my dress last night.

The very last thing I needed was to flash a decent portion of my colleagues whilst doing the Cha Cha Slide, and thankfully my £10, bought on a whim, leather look shorts from Dorothy Perkins did the trick.

And you know what? It was a very lovely evening, and that’s not even the complimentary wine talking (mostly because all of the alcohol is now safely out of my system). The food was nice, the company I was in was excellent and the DJ wasn’t awful, which makes such a difference.

It was a less lovely morning, with my alarm going off at 7:40 am, and me instantly dropping my phone somewhere down the side of my bed whilst it beeped and chirped incessantly. Despite getting home at 12:30, and eating a muffin to soak up some vodka (exhibit a), I was absolutely exhausted.


Exhausted and sore, as I quickly remembered darting into a lift at the venue last night, and testing my arm on the door as it basically closed on me. Terrible life choice on my behalf there. It’s going to be a lovely bruise when it comes up properly.

Everyone who went out last night was tired/hungover/not quite hungover yet during the start of their shift today, so it was nice to all kind of be in the same boat. It was busy enough to keep us all occupied, but not so busy that I tucked myself away in the stock room in the foetal position. It could so easily have been worse, but I think that midnight muffin was key to my survival.


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