Climb Every Mountain.

22 Jan

It’s official.

I have STARTED my Boots grad scheme application.


It doesn’t help that the Yosemite OSX is an absolute piece of shit that has all but broken my computer (30 minutes to write one sentence and have it get acknowledged by Microsoft word is unacceptable) to the point of it basically being a very expensive metal brick that I’m going to have to get a Genius to look at next week.

It frustrated me to the point of having to take Trevor shopping for a tuxedo and then go on a rampage to blow off some steam, because it’s all well and good going on a computer generated killing spree (in a video game, I’m very keen to stress the fact that it is NOT REAL), but if you don’t take the opportunity to do it in a bow tie then you’re wasting an opportunity.


So...what do you think?

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