Let’s Get Quizzical: Cinema Edition

20 Jan

You work in a cinema.

You are working the early evening shift, and are behind the counter selling tickets, popcorn, drinks, the usual stuff.

Two people come up to your counter and ask for tickets to see Birdman.

As is the norm now, you ask them where they would like to sit.

The female expresses a preference to sit towards the back of the cinema screen, but close to the stairs in the middle as she is well aware that if you’re anywhere else, the perspective is ever so slightly “off”, as it were.

You look at the seats already sold, and then tell the two ticket buyers that they’ll be sat on the third and fourth seats in from the middle as two people are already sat on the first two.

The female looks at you quizzically, as you’d only seconds before told them that there were only five tickets that had been sold already for that one showing of Birdman.

“Hold on, do you not think it’s a bit weird to put us right next to two other people if there’s so much space left in the rest of the screen? I know I’d think it was really odd if someone sat directly next to us.”

Turning to her companion, she says

“Do you not think it’s a bit odd? I’d equate it to getting on a completely empty bus, and the next person sitting next to you for no apparent reason.”

Her companion agrees with her.

“Oh, God. I’ve marked myself out as the worst person in the world.”

Her companion (thankfully) does not agree with her.

I was right to ask to change seats, wasn’t I? We sat on the other side of the aisle quite happily, but I know if it had been me doing the seating, I wouldn’t have put two pairs of people next to each other in such an empty screening.

Birdman was really good though. Definitely not the film I was expecting it to be, but I think that was down to me deliberately avoiding trailers and reviews about it. Go see it for the camera work alone. My word, stunning.


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