Blowing A Hoolie.

14 Jan

I’m almost a bit worried to fall asleep, lest I wake up covered in shards of glass from where something has shattered my window.

I’ve not known wind and rain like it, and that’s especially clear since I had to close the small vent in the corner of my room. In my (almost) 24 years of living in this house (minus the 3 years where I was in Cheltenham for the majority of my time), I have never had to touch it.

But tonight, the wind whistling through the vent got too loud, abc too cold to bear, so I had to precariously balance on the side of a chair piled high with stuff in order to slide it cold. I then essentially barrel rolled back into my bed, which backfired because I caught my foot on the side of my bedside table and knackered it.

*slow clap*

But hopefully our double glazing is enough to withstand the battering it’s currently taking, because I do not want to join the legions of people on the local news earlier tonight who haas to look sad because a bit of their house fell off, or a trampoline seemingly got wedged up against a fence.


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