Busy Bees-ness.

13 Jan

6:35 am is an absolutely unholy time of the morning to drag yourself into the shower.

So much so that it took me until tonight to realise that I had neglected to put on deodorant.

Still single everyone. Still a catch.

The early start meant that I was able to get into town and back home before midday, and before the weather turned utterly shit. (Apparently it was snowing tonight – completely missed that.)

So I got home, made a crumble, burnt said crumble, had a duffin (not a typo, and not something I will be having again) cooked dinner, undercooked the baked potatoes, got so stressed out that I essentially put myself in a time out on our stairs, then spent tonight watching The Undateables whilst trying out my new Lush hair treatment mask.

I’m dying my hair again tomorrow, so I wanted it in tip top condition before throwing absolutely everything I can at it. Oh, the joys of wanting to be a redhead. I can’t bear to admit how much money I’ve spent on anti-fade/colour enhancing/pigment depositing lotions and potions over the last two years.

It does look bloody lovely though.


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