Straightening Priorities.

11 Jan

1. Booking the day after Mark Watson’s 27 Hour Show off’ve work so I can have an extra day in London to recover as opposed to having my birthday off. Charitable, as opposed to selfish. Well done me. (I tried to explain the super long shows to someone today and realised that I come across as totally mental. “Yeah, so you go to London and then sit in a room with loads of other people for a really long time, whilst you all try not to fall asleep and pass round wet wipes so you don’t smell too much.” MAD. I still distinctly remember a comedian that I know trying to hug me after the 25 Hour Show, and me stepping back going “I absolutely stink, so maybe don’t.” Sorry Tom Craine. Ahem.)

2. I spent this evening catching up with some telly from this week. Last Leg – Excellent. Sex Party Stories – Depressing, for a multitude of reasons. Adam Hills’ Happyism – Frog Touchingly Lovely.

3. I’ve also restarted GTA V, because there was one part of a mission that I just couldn’t pass, and I had basically been stuck there for months. This is one of the things I miss most about living back in Cheltenham with the boys. We’d all sit in the living room, passing the controller round on various sections, and if there was a section I couldn’t do, I would whine “Jaaaaaaack? Daaaaaaaan? Can you come and do this bit of the game for me please? I’m stuck and it’s really pissing me off.” This left me to ace a mission where I got to drive a bus. At the normal speed limit. It was actually quite relaxing. I’m starting to think that this is actually why I want a boyfriend. I basically want someone who’s really good at playing video games who’ll not get annoyed at me watching them play, and let me have a go when I want. Dream boy, sorted.


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