Pixel Party.

9 Jan

I have spent most of my day attempting to take dirty, dirty perps out, with not that much success.

What I’m alluding to is the fact that I booted up my Xbox after a fairly long hiatus, and used this afternoon to get a decent chunk of LA Noire done and dusted.

Things in video games I need to improve:
• General aiming and shooting things/people with guns
• Driving
• Running in the correct direction, particularly when going round a corner

I’m starting to think that I’d actually have a better chance at playing on my Xbox if I were a cat without opposable thumbs.

And because I spent the afternoon being the good guy (though I was a policeman, so make your own conclusions about that*), I’m going down the other avenue this evening with some quality time spent with GTA V. I mean, I’ve not even unlocked Trevor yet, which is the saddest thing about this all.

*is that a bit too real? I’m honestly not sure.


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