Throwing Back Thursday.

8 Jan

I was reminiscing about my trip to California back in 2007 today.

The majority of you reading this wouldn’t have known me back then, and it’s probably, honestly for the best.

I wasn’t as fun back then as I am now, I don’t think. I mean, I was fun enough to key off to America with some people I didn’t know very well (and my friend Elize, who is now one of Ella Eyre’s backing singers) in order to go to the Idyllwild Arts Academy for their two week screenwriting course, but I wasn’t the fairly confident young woman I am today.

I found all of my notebooks from the fortnight, as well as the scripts and monologues I wrote. And you know what? They weren’t half bad. I mean, there was some very worrying subject matter in there, with hamsters being cooked into burgers, as well as schizophrenia (that will happen if you’re reading a lot of Jekyll and Hyde when you’re looking for inspiration, Zoe.)

I did upload a video of the performance at the end of the fortnight, so feel free to watch it, and critique, so long as it’s CONSTRUCTIVE or NICE. Just know that I can’t get past the first second without cringing a bit.

Whilst I was writing this, I remembered that I dabbled in blogging for all of three days whilst I was out in America, so for your “delight”(?) here are said posts. Please note that my tone has not changed whatsoever in the 8 years since my trip. I’ve no idea if that’s a good thing or not.

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3


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