Smash and Grab.

5 Jan

I’ve got two new skills to add to my skill bank after last night.

Er, no. Not that. Rude.

We went for dinner at Chiquitos, which was lovely, but none of us felt particularly in the mood to go out-out.

With that it mind, we walked 50ft to the bowling alley, with the express purpose of going bowling. Obviously. However, the place was absolutely rammed, and there were no lanes free until 10:30, bearing in mind we’d arrived around 8:15.

Undeterred, and possibly because we were absolutely stuffed from dinner and unable to move much, we decided to play a few games of pool against each other. And you know what? I WAS NOT COMPLETELY SHIT. I potted some balls! I got mocked for my technique, but refused to let that stop me. (We won’t discuss the fact that I’m not a particularly graceful loser, and may have ended up on the floor crying with laughter after one particularly spectacular miss.)

I also realised that I was somewhat skilled in the art of using a grabber machine.

That was until I got cheated out of a prize.

And I don’t mean that in the sense of the claws being deliberately loose, and the directional buttons being fairly unresponsive.

I mean it in the sense that I had a stuffed animal (a jumper wearing Shaun the Sheep, if we’re being specific, WHICH WE ARE) in the claws, it was free from the pile, it was directly above the prize chute.

And then it got dropped.

Straight off the edge of the chute, into the adjoining grabber machine.

I genuinely nearly cried,

If there had been some plexiglass on the side, it would have been mine.

What’s that, you say? Couldn’t I have used the machine it dropped into and gotten it?


If you were able to see the CCTV from those 60 seconds, you would have seen my face just drop like a stone.

Still. I did have two slush puppies last night, so it wasn’t all bad.


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