Planning Ahead.

3 Jan

I can safely say that these past four days have been lovely. Really, really lovely.

Tomorrow I’m back at work. And then we’re all out in the evening (I know. Me having a social life this early in the year. As unexpected for you as it is for me.)

Then on Monday, it’s time to get a shuffle on and sort things out.

Working out a sort of weekly schedule for doing STUFF will be no doubt delightful.

Timetabling things like dance classes and times to go swimming, and working out what things I want to learn to cook every week.

Look, I know it sounds dull and boring. But the thing is, I do best under instruction. That’s what I miss about education. I liked having a timetable of things I had to do, or places that I had to be. It kept my head on straight. Kept my brain active.

I fear that only having scheduled work on a Sunday will cause me to go a bit mental, and it seems like such a waste to do nothing with 144 hours of my week.

If you’ve got any suggestions (particularly things I can do on the cheap, or even for free) then do throw them my way.


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