2014: The Official Review (Through Zoe Fell’s Eyes.)

31 Dec

Well. 2014 happened.

It was a mixed year, with births, deaths and marriages. None of which were mine, I hasten to add.

So let me sum up the year fairly quickly for you.

January: A self proclaimed “pile of wank”, after I failed my Broadcast Law essay spectacularly and had a crisis of confidence about whether Uni was really for me or not.

February: Turned 23. Realised I hadn’t done much with my life, then came to terms with that. Took a lovely trip to London with my Uni course mates. Got really ill, didn’t realise it at the time, but was starting to get depressed.

March: Pretended to be French for a weekend for Glos-Tone-Beret and had the most successful one yet, despite some altercations. Actually evaluated my life. Decided I needed to try harder. Bet on some horse racing. Did not win. Told someone a thing at a party. Cried when I got home from said party. Things were fine after the party.

April: The Tone Radio 65 Hour Radiothon happened. I spent three days stuck in the SU and my being asleep was live streamed online. It was my big good charity deed of the year. I went back home for a couple of weeks and got to work at Radio Plymouth, which was plenty of fun and incredibly exciting when I got my first proper reporter credit. I spent HOURS on the Barbican recording audio for a Uni project which ended up with the police checking that I was okay.

May: I was in Wales again for Machfest, and my guest team of bloggers did me very proud. I had my last ever lecture at University and didn’t cry, which was a surprise. I cried at most other opportunities though, including our Radio Production Awards, where I somehow got the Lecturer’s Award and it was all I could do to not cry “SHUT THE FUCK UP” when it got announced, particularly as I had been necking cheap fizzy wine since I’d arrived. This backfired later in the evening, when I spent most of it crying over people. We had our final day on Tone Radio. It was stupid, and funny and wonderful. We worked at Wychwood. Everything broke.

June: Wychwood was fixed. I cried when we finished it (naturally). We went out for dinners, we watched films, we went to barbecues, I discovered that playing the didgeridoo does not come naturally to me.

July: 2000 Trees Festival happened. It broke. It got fixed again. I cried. We all moved out from our Cheltenham house. I cried. I started back at work which was all too easy to get back into the swing of.

August: Didn’t go to Edinburgh. Didn’t really feel like I missed all that much (but don’t tell any of my comedian pals that.)

September: Discovered that I had actually passed my degree. Was nearly sick with joy. Spent most of the month trying not to get shouted at for not doing anything when I wasn’t at work. Started the Prick Up Your Ears podcast.

October: Got an SRA nomination. Nearly cried with joy. Worked weekends, and occasional days. Didn’t do much when I wasn’t working.


December: Trying to cobble together a blog before midnight to demonstrate that 2014 maybe wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been.

Here’s to 2015. Onwards and upwards.
Thank you for being a part of it.


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