Party’s Just Begun.

30 Dec


I mean, I know that 2014 finishes tomorrow, but that’s not the point.

I have survived the silly season relatively unscathed, and now have four glorious days off.

Days where I will eat too much food, watch too many films and probably stay in pyjamas for a full 48 hours (if I get my own way). Heck, I’m even treating myself to an extra couple of hours of telly tonight because I don’t have to be awake until 9:30 tomorrow morning.

In answer to that inevitable burning question, no I do not have plans for New Year, other than staying in with two of my favourite people, and an array of fizzy alcoholic beverages. I’m still sniffly and red nosed, which is something that other people do not want to be sharing a room with, unless they have no choice, like my parents do.

Unlucky, Mum and Dad.


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