Joined At The Hip.

27 Dec

My parents, the legends, went out and got me a phone charger today.

It’s kind of surprising how much I…didn’t miss out on.

I slept better without it. I felt more free without it. Which means that from now on I’ll be turning off my phone when I go to bed (actually off. Not just on Do Not Disturb. OFF.) in order to have a decent night’s sleep.

I’ve got increasingly dull as I approach my 24th year on Earth, proven by the fact that tonight (which *might* be a Saturday? Maybe? Even whilst at work I’m not entirely sure what day of the week it is.) was spent tucked up on the sofa watching Top Gear with a bowl of pretzels, as opposed to out in a club smushed up against a stranger not being able to hear a thing.

Rather than posting this whilst waiting outside in a queue, complaining that I’m not wearing a cardigan, I’m posting this just before switching my light off and listening to Radio 4 Extra before falling asleep.

I not so secretly prefer what I’m doing now, to be honest.


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