Wrap God.

22 Dec

I actually got all of my Christmas presents wrapped today.


The problem is, there’s now a pile of gifts stacked in front of the fireplace and I’m all excited for them to be opened.

Seriously. My parents came home from doing the good shop and it took all my strength to not thrust things towards them shouting “OPEN THESE AND BE AMAZED AT MY GENEROSITY”. To be fair, it’s not my generosity I’m impressed with, it’s more my projected genius with certain presents. I hope my plans actually come off.

It was the best day away from work I could have asked for.

A little lie in (during which time my Mum almost flashed the window cleaner, leading to a laughing fit that was actually painful), followed by an afternoon of dozing on the sofa, and an evening of just eating food, despite not being particularly hungry. It’s just practise for Thursday, let’s be honest.


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