20 Dec


Today was not the hellish descent into the 7th circle I assumed it would be.

It was actually totally fine.

My shift went by without real incident or talking point.

In fact, my entire day did.

Actually, that’s not totally true.

On my way into work, I spotted the BBC Radio Devon outside broadcast car and got that little flutter of excitement that only a proper geek (or Radio Production student/graduate) would get upon realising that there is live radio happening nearby. As I walked into the mall, I saw some of the presenters stood by some stairs (IT IS A WEIRD THING TO KNOW WHAT LOCAL RADIO PRESENTERS LOOK LIKE. I AM NOT NORMAL.), along with…Glenn from the 2013 series of the Great British Bake Off. I internalised all my delight and giddiness because I obviously have to keep up a small amount of professionalism whilst I’m in my uniform. Seriously though, I was really excited. Disproportionately so.

And once I’d finished work, I did the very last of my Christmas shopping, bar wrapping paper etc. I think this might be a new record for me. Normally I’m that knob that wanders around on Christmas Eve moaning that she’s really unprepared, but I am absolutely smashing it this year. It means I can dedicate Monday to all my wrapping and actually get into the Christmas Spirit (this year’s choice: VODKA). I can already hear Elf and Love Actually calling my name.


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