The Good/The Bad.

19 Dec

The Good: I managed to blitz today’s necessary Christmas shopping (and a trip to the post office to send it all off) within half an hour, despite queues and people constantly just being in the way.

The Bad: I nearly had a bit of a cry on the shop floor today. I was covering an already busy photo counter, when one of the printers needed its paper replacing, which was something I didn’t really know how to do. So I was trying to fix that whilst I had other customers queuing up to pay for photos or collect orders. I was getting flustered because the customers were getting increasingly irate as they thought I was a fucking idiot because I seemingly didn’t know how to do her job. And at that point, they were actually right. I think I was about 30 seconds away from a total meltdown when I was thankfully rescued by other members of staff and subsequently had the most necessary break of my life.

Christmas in retail. You gotta love it.


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