Poor Preparation.

18 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
Shoppers have realised that Christmas is only a week away, and are starting to panic.

I’d join them, but I’m too darn busy serving them to do so.

I’ve still got a few bits to get, but my tolerance of queues, pushy people and shops that are far too hot waned long ago.

This all means that I’m going to have to blitz all my shopping as early in the morning as possible, (before actually going to work) just like every other savvy shopper.

Actually, if I was really savvy, I would have finished it all weeks ago, or even be buying now for Christmas 2015. Every year I’m unprepared, leading to a slightly pissed off Christmas Eve, but I never, ever learn. Maybe it’ll all change when I’m an actual grown up with a family of my own? At least I’ve got my Christmas tree up now, that’s at least four days earlier than I managed last year.


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