Boiler Room.

15 Dec

Last night was absolutely delightful.

Great food, affordable drinks (glossing over the £16 pitcher I bought and drank less than a fifth of) and some very bad dancing. Plus I was back home before 2am, and asleep by 3:30.

Thankfully, today wasn’t too stressful, as I was just tidying my room so that we could actually get to the boiler and switch it on, meaning that we can all shed a thick knitted layer whenever we get into the house.

Sounds like an easy task, but when you realise that I have a habit of forgetting to put clothes in the washing basket (yes, even at the age of 23), leading to a massive pile of stuff that gets stuffed into every spare bit of space in my room, you soon become aware of a problem.

I just have too much stuff. And that’s even after the big clear out I did in the summer.

Nobody needs 17 bras, unless you’re an underwear model, and I am not that (sorry for dropping that bombshell, everyone), so some where that takes fabrics is going to be very fortunate very soon.


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