Weekday Warblings.

10 Dec

Three hours spent in a restaurant with two of your closest friends is time that can never be wasted.

When you’re simultaneously discussing everything and nothing in the space of five minutes, you know that you know some really excellent people.

I am also slightly worried about Sunday night, as most people seem to have booked Monday off in preparation for something that will inevitably start off civilised, but descend into chaos, and me probably re opening my knee after tripping over the cobbles in the harbour because my motor skills will have been slightly impaired thanks to a number of alcoholic beverages consumed.

I’ve realised that the way to get round this is by putting the word “festive” in front of every order.

“Can I get a festive vodka, lemonade and lime please?”


This also works at New Year if you put “New Year” whenever you’re getting a round in.

Life; Hacked.


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