Give ‘Em Your Money.

8 Dec

I needed cheering up today.

Thankfully, my pals Casual Violence have just released a live show for you to purchase, for 499 of your English pennies.

Here is the trailer.

It cheered me up. Then upset me. Then made me feel bad for laughing. Then depressed me again.

To be fair, I should have known better than to use James and co’s work as a happiness giving device, but nonetheless it did improve my evening.

But I realise that this may come across as a less than glowing recommendation for the group, and indeed the show. FAR FROM IT.

Casual Violence are genuinely brilliant, and I know for a fact that they’re going to go far in the comedy industry. I feel a bit like people must have done when Monty Python were just starting out, only with less parrots and more poisonings.

Just don’t forget who told you about them first when they’re selling out arena after arena.


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