Living Up To It.

6 Dec

Knob jockey.

All insults that I threw towards myself at around 10:08am this morning when I fell over whilst walking to get the bus into work.

Living up to the surname, obviously.

I went down like the proverbial red balloon, and thought I was fine until I realised that material that should have been covering my knees (namely, my very expensive Primark tights) was no longer there, and was stuck to the road, along with quite a bit of my skin.


Thankfully I was close enough to home that I could walk back and get patched up by Mum and dropped in by Dad. Absolute heroes the both of them. And I didn’t even cry. *beams*

I think it’s karma for having a short shift today, so I kind of deserve it.

Anyway. Me and my busted knees are off to the Cash and Wrap Christmas meal, and I’m sure we’ll have an absolutely delightful time.


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