‘Tis The Season.

2 Dec

Whilst most of the posts filtering through on my Facebook feed are packed with photographs of tinsel wrapped fireplaces and trees that are a bit on the wonk, I’m getting a bit sad about not being in our student house with the boys.

For our first Christmas in the house, we made do with a tree drawn onto a whiteboard with post-it note lights, and last year we had a 30cm high pop up tinsel tree. It was CHARMING.

Especially the time I nearly broke my neck tripping over some tinsel that had unattached itself from the doorway in the night.

But now I’m back home, we don’t really tend to do decorations, which means that I tend to kind of forget about Christmas until I get into town. And when parcels start dropping through my door and money starts flying out of my account, I’m sure it’ll jog my memory a little more.


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