Black Saturday.

29 Nov

Work. Was. Mental. Today.

It seems that Black Friday is now officially a “thing”, and if I thought today was bad, I am thanking my lucky stars that I was off yesterday, as it was apparently insane.

Not to the point of anyone getting punched in the face over a bottle of perfume (as was the issue with TVs in various supermarkets), but mad enough for other staff members to look a touch frazzled behind the tills today.

We were doing some fundraising for Jeremiah’s Journey in store today, by wearing Christmas jumpers. Thankfully, those of us on cash and wrap had the foresight to get festive t-shirts rather than thick woollen knits because whenever we saw people with jumpers on, they just looked moments away from pooling onto the floor in a puddle.

I got to look like an elf for the day which certainly cheered things up, and getting this particular jumper in time for the Yuletide season brings me nothing but joy.



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