4 Oct

Christmas in retail is not a time for good wishes and cheer.

It is a time of rushing up and down packed aisles, constant queues that need to be cleared and losing customers in a 4 metre by 4 metre section of the shop when you’ve gone out to the stock room to get some items.

Seriously. Two customers lost in the space of five minutes. (FYI: I did find them both again. Eventually.) I’ve no idea how I managed that.

The shift did go quickly though, so I can’t really moan too much. I’ve also started to mentally make my list for our Double Discount event, which has been fun.

Oh. And just as a heads up, I’m away from the 17th to the 19th of October so will be having some guest posters taking over for the duration. DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP.


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