Teacher’s Pet.

24 Sep

Because I am a perfect daughter, I gave up my precious time doing nothing this afternoon to go and sharpen pencils and put erasers into boxes outside her office.

It was actually quite nice to be doing something different for a change, and I’ve already agreed to go in again at some point to change over the display boards.

She works in a school, it’s not some sort of office where they use pencils and chalkboards to carry out their jobs.

It’s actually the same school I was at when I was younger, and we worked out I’d not been back for six years, which was extremely strange to realise. Everything was the same, but everything had changed, if that makes any sort of sense? Probably not.

But all that sharpening and counting has worn me out, and I do actual at have to go and to my proper workplace for a shift tomorrow, so I’m having the earliest night in recent memory, which probably means I’ll wake up at about 4am and not be able to drop back off again, leading to plenty of frustration. What a joy that will be.


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