Happy Snaps.

21 Sep

I got to go back on my beloved photo department today at work, which is always a constant joy.

That’s me being genuine for once, promise. It’s always a lot more interesting than scanning items for four hours straight, you get to use machines and wear gloves and goggles and screwdrivers when you’re packing photos or dismantling disposable cameras to get films out.

The best thing is that you get a real insight into the lives of customers – there’s only so much you can learn about someone from their shopping basket, but when they’re bringing in a bag of films from a wedding, or an underwater camera from a trip to Barcelona and Paris, you get a slightly better idea of who they are. People are interesting. I kind of end up living vicariously through them a bit. And anyone who’s worked on a photo counter, or had any reason to see someone else’s photographs and says otherwise is a downright liar.)

Also, note to self: Don’t tell the new trainee manager that “the best thing about Sundays is that all the staff are in the same boat, as absolutely none of us want to be here”, because he doesn’t know you yet, or realise that your sense of humour is very skewed. (I think I just about rescued it. Oh God, I hope I rescued it. Oh wait. My cringe glands just flared up because I remember saying “I like looking at other peoples’ photos. It’s not a 24 Hour Photo situation though. I’m not like Robin Williams. Honest.” I AM SO FIRED.)


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