Ok 1k.

20 Sep

And this makes 1000.

Yep, 1000 blogs. Not quite 1000 days, but nearly. The majority written by me, but maybe 10-15 written by others during my holidays.

Mental, isn’t it? I forget that people actually read these things, and it still weirds me out if things I’ve posted about get mentioned in *whispers* real life.

I’m aware that I am going to have to stop doing this blog at some point (now that I’ve knocked my blogging inspiration Mark Watson WAY out of the park in terms of daily posts), but I’ve no idea when the best time is going to be. It’s a thing to do. It’s literally the only daily constant in my life, and that’s kind of comforting. Do I stop at the end of 2014? When I get to 5000 posts?When I finally get a boyfriend/hobby (basically the same thing)? Or do I carry on forever? No idea. Not decided yet.

Anyway. Back to what this blog was actually for – keeping a record of the stuff I do.

Today was extremely weird, and continued being weird for several hours. And sadly, I can’t tell you why. Sorry.

The next 1000 posts might be better, but they probably won’t. And I can safely say that because I don’t have a ghost writer making them better. Sucks to be you, dear reader.


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