Hobby Horse.

15 Sep

I really need a hobby. I need something to keep me occupied and mentally together the closer it gets to Christmas.

At the moment, my life is a constant switch between working and staying at home, pretending to be busy, and the only person I’m fooling is myself.
(Saying that, this week I get to throw a potential Doctor’s appointment into the mix, so that’s “exciting”.)

There’s a radio related thing in the works, that I sincerely hope comes off, because talking to my Uni lot (including the current second and third year students – THEY ARE ALL SO GROWN UP NOW AND I DON’T LIKE IT ONE BIT.) today has made me yearn to just talk shit into a microphone and hope that at least one person finds it at least a little amusing. If I don’t have that sort of outlet, it means you get blogs like this – constant moping and moaning. And we know that FUN drives FIGURES.

[That last statement just goes to show that I’ve been working in retail for far, far too long.]


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