Holidays Are Coming.

13 Sep

I’m already dreading Christmas in retail if today was anything to go by. I started at 12:30, and I don’t think the queue stopped until 5pm.

The knowledge that this is how it’s going to be every weekend from now until mid-January is just disheartening, especially as our Christmas stock goes out a week on Monday (more or less), so I get at least two months of “Christmas gets earlier every year” (spoiler: it doesn’t, it’s actually on the same date, December 25th, just like in 2013. And 2012. And 2011. Etc.), which will be JOYFUL.

Last night was lovely; I had two sips of a drink that reminded me too much of last week’s hangover (it tasted of regret and sadness) and stuck to water for the rest of the evening. Given that working last weekend on a hangover, when it wasn’t overly busy, was such a nightmare, I genuinely think that feeling similarly rubbish today would have ended with me either in tears or out of a job.

But luckily I used foresight to realise that I’d be utterly miserable, and really nobody needs that on a Saturday afternoon. Least of all me.


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