Contractually Obliged.

11 Sep

Being on a zero hour contract is a double edged sword.

On the plus side, I can pick and choose what days I want to work.

On the down side, I can end up doing a fair few hours on a weekend, and then having four or five days off in a row, simply because there aren’t any hours available.

But I’ve got fairly good at coping with days off, as I can wake up fairly late, help Dad out with some DIY (read: holding a ladder whilst Dad does all the work), and then just make tea and coffee throughout the day as required. And I don’t have to pay rent yet, which is quite nice.

I do know that work on Saturday is going to be a bit of a challenge though, as I’m out with work tomorrow night. I know! Two Fridays in a row when I’m out socialising! I can hardly believe it myself. I shall be taking my own advice from last week on board; drinking less booze, eating more food, and having painkillers when I wake up. Hopefully that way I will feel less like I’m dying when it comes to facing people when I start my shift.

I will also attempt not to have half an hour of continuous hiccups when I get back in, but only time will tell.


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