Welcomed To The Dark Side.

8 Sep

I’m currently sporting a head of extremely dark hair.

It was NOT what I was expecting when I woke up this morning.

I had been anticipating going dark red, but it’s turned out some shade of dark purple. I don’t hate it, I’m just…learning to like it extremely slowly.

On the upside, my hair hasn’t fallen out or gone green which was something that I was genuinely concerned about when switching back to box dye from henna. I did forget just how strong the smell of ammonia was and nearly gassed myself with the chemicals this afternoon, which was certainly less than enjoyable.

The feedback from people has been positive, so that’s good. And I now get to play the game where I surprise people that I meet for the first time by telling them that my real hair colour is blonde – such is the issue with having naturally dark eyebrows.

I am a little concerned that I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a pillow that’s turned an alarming shade of purple overnight, but that’s half the fun of hair dye, and the whole reason that washing machines were invented. Probably.


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