Sickie Saturday.

6 Sep

I went hard last night. Too hard. Then I went home. Then I had to go to work.

Everything today was too bright, or too loud, or smelt too strongly for me to cope properly.

What you may have guessed, dear reader is that I drank far too much on an empty stomach last night (KIDS: Learn from my mistakes.), leading to the monster of all hangovers today, and a shift at work that was pure hell.

I am not drinking that much again when I have to face the public less than 12 hours after turning to water. It’s just too traumatic. Remember how I was after Bake Off the other year? Take that, and double it. And also consider that with Bake Off, I was in my own house. Last night we were in a bar and then went to a club.

I KNOW. Me! In a club! I still don’t enjoy them, but the company was good enough to warrant putting up with a lot of objectionable humans.

Because I’m a fool who didn’t take off her lipstick last night before basically crawling into bed last night, I had to wear the same overly bright shade at work, which was almost useful as it took all attention away from my deathly pale face, so I suppose that’s something.

I’m back out again with work next Friday, and refuse to have another hungover Saturday shift, so what have I learnt?

• 2 for 1 cocktails are NOT a good thing. Ever. It’s a deal, not a challenge.
• Stick to one type of alcohol, as mixing is the start of a downhill spiral.
• Eat before you go out drinking. This doesn’t mean that your 2:30pm lunch will be a stomach liner if you’re drinking 6 hours later. You will be ruined very quickly.
• Scope out the toilets in any establishment quickly. Preferably choose somewhere that doesn’t require you to go up or down 5 or more stairs to get there.
• Take your own pack of tissues out with you, as inevitably there will be no toilet tissue when you actually come to need it (thankfully I was prepared for that one.)
• Ditto hand gel. People are gross.


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