31 Aug

In terms of yesterday’s checklist, I can firmly cross off a lie in (as I managed to sleep in until 1pm), catching up with some telly (I finally got a chance to see an episode of Almost Royal – Ed and Amy are an absolute delight) and sworn incessantly at my Xbox (because who’d have thought that shooting aliens whilst high would be incredibly difficult IN A GAME.)

Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment at the hospital to give blood, and I really hope it goes better than the last few attempts I’ve had, where my veins just refused to be found.

After my blood test earlier this year, where it was evident that with a little coaxing I could become Edward Cullen’s wet dream (I’m not sure about this new writing style, Zoe.) I’m sure that tomorrow’s adventure will prove nothing but joyful. Painfully joyful. Painfully, iron losingly, joyful.


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