Killer Instinct.

28 Aug

My Ice Bucket Challenge is coming tomorrow.

By the time I got home from work tonight, the light was already going, and we wouldn’t have got the full effect. So it would have been absolutely pointless. Therefore, I’m basically giving you a warning to stay off’ve Facebook if you’re fed up to the back teeth of seeing people chuck buckets of water over themselves, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


The following conversation happened at about 11am today.

Mum: *shouting upstairs* Zoë? Is everything alright?
Me: *shouting back* WHAT?
Mum: You’re making lots of weird noises and I’m worried.
Me: I’m playing a video game! Everything’s fine.
Mum: WHAT?
Me: The Walking Dead! It’s very tense, and I’m getting stressed out. Don’t worry about it.

It’s nice that Mum worries about me to that extent, but when you’re trying to rescue a small girl from zombies and you’re distracted to the point of accidentally killing her, it’s not really ideal.

Thanks Mum.


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