Curtain Call.

26 Aug

My alarm went off at 6:55 this morning. I got out of bed, opened my curtains and promptly shut them again because the torrential rain pouring down outside was just too much for me to handle that early in the day.

It would seem that Summer is well and truly over, and conversations about the “C” thing (Christmas, not cunt) are happening more and more often, to my dismay. Seriously, knowledge that seasonal stock is going to start arriving into store in a matter of weeks is just upsetting. At least let us get Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way first. And graduation for that matter, since that’s later in the year too.

I appreciate that Mother Nature is doing her best in terms of making us feel more Autumnal by giving us shitty weather, but I don’t particularly enjoy getting drenched every time I leave the house.

The weather does make me feel less guilty about putting my pyjamas on as soon as I get home from work and spending every night cosy in my room, so that’s kind of a plus, I suppose.


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