Hey You! Get Off The Sidewalk!

25 Aug

Because it was absolutely pissing it down today, and I point blank refused to leave the house, I spent a good seven or so hours immersing myself in 1940’s Los Angeles thanks to LA Noire.

Thumbs up to Rockstar for making a game playable, even if you’re no good at driving (just ask your partner to drive because you “need to look over the case notes”), or lets you skip bits if you’re failing miserably.

Not once whilst playing have I wanted to put my foot through the screen. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve wanted to maim one one of my partners because he’s a racist, sexist, xenophobic pig, but sadly that’s just the way things were at the time.

And…this is just a game.

Despite all the murder and crime and stuff, I think I’d quite like to live in 40’s America, asking for coffee and bagels until the sun goes down. The music was good, Jack Benny was on constantly, and the dresses were incredibly flattering. I’d also probably have found myself a husband by the age of 22, so I’d not really have to worry about any of the things that “21st Century Zoe” has cause for concern about.

No Twitter though. Scratch that plan, I’m grand living in the present, thank you.


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