Handy (Minus) Tips.

22 Aug

Mum nearly chopped her finger off making some chutney earlier.

Well. Not quite.

She did, however, take a chunk out of the tip of it, shouting at me to get the first aid kit out of the little bedroom because she was “bleeding to death”.

She wasn’t. She was merely leaking all over the kitchen floor, and my attempts to get a dressing on there were woeful to the point of Dad having to drive Mum to the minor injuries unit to get it sorted.

She’s home now, and pretty much fine, save for knocking it every ten minutes or so and yelping. It doesn’t help that I’m a little incapacitated with my poor wrist (SOMEBODY PLEASE COME AND PUT DRUGS IN MY HAND. IT HURTS SO MUCH.), and everything is twice as difficult. Gripping and holding things is very integral in day to day life – who’d a thunk it?


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