Wicked and Lazy.

17 Aug

Sunday night.
Nine days of work in a row (though one of those was a two and a half hour shift, so barely counted) done.
Day off tomorrow.
Come at me.

I’ll probably end up wasting most of the day by staying in bed for too long, despite the fact I actually kind of have things I need to do. If I’m lucky, I might wake up just in time to hear Popmaster on Radio 2. DON’T JUDGE ME, I DID A RADIO DEGREE, AND THAT COUNTED AS RESEARCH.

If I’m even luckier, I might haul myself out of bed in time to pester my parents about going to the cinema, though it may end up with us all going to see separate films, which still counts as a “family outing”, as we’d all technically be in the same place simultaneously.

But anyway, a lazy day begins with an even lazier night, so I’m spending the rest of it watching Flight of the Conchords, with my brain switched firmly to the “off” position.


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