Green (With Envy) Man.

15 Aug

I was invited to go to Green Man festival this weekend.

Am I going to said festival?

No. I am not. I am working at home instead. It almost makes me as sad as missing Edinburgh, but at least if I was up there, I’d not have got the thought of a trip to Wales in my head.


Missing out on this festival does give me an excellent excuse to go on some day trips over the next year in order to see people and catch up with friends that I’ve not seen for literal years. (Not even metaphorical ones. Actual real 12+ month periods of time.)

And the fear of missing out is eased a bit thanks to twitter, and the knowledge that there will be little to no coverage at Green Man, and I can just block anyone that harps on about it too much.

I joke, obviously. But do hope that it is less fun without me. As we all know that it’s me that really brings the party.


So...what do you think?

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