Hurric-feign Bertha.

10 Aug

(Does that even work as a title? It’s certainly the first bit of wordplay that’s made me wince as I’ve typed it, that’s for sure.)

I have to be up in about 7 hours to go to work.

I should be getting ready for bed.

What am I actually doing?

Playing BattleBlock Theater, naturally.

It’s less playing it, more mashing buttons until I figure out how I’m actually supposed to complete the level I’ve been stuck on for the last twenty minutes.

YES I could look at a walk through, but where’s the fun in that when you can just get frustrated at a COMPUTER GAME?

It’s been a better evening than anticipated, as I expected to be sat inside staring at Hurricane Bertha’s path of destruction outside my bedroom window. Instead we’ve just got a broken washing line to show for it. (I wasn’t even here when it happened, genuinely sad to have missed out, especially as it had a load of towels on at the time, and I like to imagine that the thing looked slightly possessed before it snapped in half.)

She seems to have calmed down a little though, so I won’t have to deal with my window being battered whilst I attempt to sleep.


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