Phone A Friend.

7 Aug

I’m now approximately 2.7% closer to having a tidy room, after yet another day spent within its walls.

I’m starting to think that my possessions are procreating overnight, whilst I’m asleep. That is the only way to explain how it’s still not spotless, and not because I tit around my room wearing a pair of bunny ears, and reading all my old letters when I should really be working.

What does help, is getting a phone call from one of my nearest and dearest friends who I’ve not seen since March 2013. Aislinn’s up in Edinburgh (OF COURSE SHE IS. EVERYONE IS.), so rang me to chat all things comedy, which was an absolute delight, and made me feel a little bit less like I was missing out on all the fun. She’s also been sending me photographs at about 4am for the last few days, which is proof of just how much Fringe fun she’s having. Look at me being all sincere for once. Lovely.


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