The Hoard.

6 Aug

I remember watching a programme called Grimebusters when I was growing up.

People were essentially called in to help people who couldn’t look after their houses clean up, or deal with the amount of items they had.

And tidying my room today felt a bit like that. I have so much STUFF. And it’s not even sentimental things, it was just…bits and bobs.

You know you have a problem when you’ve got a bag full of other bags. And then you fill three charity shop bags with old clothes, but still don’t actually have room for all the clothes you want to keep. My wardrobe is currently 3/4 full with dresses despite the fact we’re about to go into autumn.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but currently the task just feels insurmountable. Books on my shelves are double stacked, I’ve got boxes and boxes of DVDs and CDs shoved in the corner of my room, and carrier bags filled with empty notebooks because “throwing blank paper out just feels like a total waste”.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t having people round tomorrow afternoon to talk to us about cavity wall insulation. The fun never starts stops in our house.


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